The Indo Siren is back to Raja Ampat!

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The Indo Siren is back to Raja Ampat!

16 Brazilians boarded the Indo Siren for a 7 night cruise in Raja Ampat. After a quick orientation the party was on. Many of them didn’t see each other for a while.


On our first day we already could encounter some pigmy seahorse, hawksbill turtles, many nudibranchs and amazing coral reefs. Our first 2 dives were in Sagof this week and for the third and first night dive we explored the area of Yellit.


The next morning,  we started in Warakaraket with Magic Mountain and WOW that was stunning!  Around 6 oceanic Mantas, white tip sharks, wobbegong sharks and schooling fish made this dive to one of the best for our guests. After this, we went to Boo east and Boo windows which showed our guest an amazing scenery with schooling fish, pigmy seahorse and turtles. The night dive at Yellit besar offered us epaulette shark and many night creatures.

manta in komodo 2015

Next day we needed to repeat Magic Mountain and one more time, it was amazing! Manta madness! After that we decide to do a dive site combination of Nudi and Tank Rock. Wow. Grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, barracudas, warty frogfish and even pigmy seahorses joined in that dive. After that, it was time for something new… Wagmab.  Wagmab Wall offered us an amazing reef with schooling mobulas. Next stop: the north of Raja Ampat!

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After 14 hours of driving, we arrived at Dampier Strait where we started our first dive at Mansuar Corner then we dove at Manta Sandy where we had a beautiful Manta dance show and many wobbegongs laying around . After lunch we went to Arborek for dive 3 and 4. In the dives, we encountered rock mover wrasse, mantis shrimp, robust ghost pipe fish, bobtail squid, cuttle fish and much more.

cuttle fish with nudi

One our last full diving day we went for big stuff at Blue Magic, Sardine Reef and  Mioskon:  grey reefs, white tips, oceanic manta ,huge school of fish and more than nine Wobbegongs were spotted in these 3 dives. Whilst some of us  enjoyed the sunset on the beach, the rest went for a sunset dive at Mioskon: the wobbegongs were still on the same spott.

wobbegong high res

The next morning, we dove Blue Magic on guest request. Schools of fish and a wonderful coral garden made the morning dive unforgettable. Kape Kri was the grand finale. This time a medium current and a stunning fish life combined with a stunning coral garden. After that the Indo Siren lift up the Sails and we went back to Sorong.


Unfortunately it was time to say good bye. Thank you very much for this incredible week! I wouldn’t have been the same without you! We hope to see you soon on board!

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