The Palau Siren is back!

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The Palau Siren is back!!! And back with a vengeance – what amazing dives we got to share with our guests from Germany, Switzerland, England, South Africa, Australia and USA! Thanks in large part to the half-moon phase, we started our trip out with the local dives – checking out some WWII wrecks and the amazing Chandelier Cave.


Our second day of diving took us over to the Ulong area – time to see the open ocean now! We started with one of my favorites – Sandy Paradise. Nice and easy diving, but it’s in fish soup – so much to see!! Almost always the leaf scorpionfish are there and this time possibly a tiger shark?!? No photographic evidence but many convinced divers!! Great start to Ulong for sure!

IMG 0504

The next day we continued in Ulong area with Siaes Tunnel and Ulong Channel – all the usual suspects of sharks, fish and beautiful corals! Then, we moved the Palau Siren to the Ngemelis area to be nearer to more protected night dive possibilities. First dive up: New Drop Off, with yet another possible Tiger Shark sighting! For 100% sure plenty of grey reefs and white tips, fish and turtles.

IMG 0521

Next on our schedule were Blue Corner and German Channel! Blue Corner was full of sharks and in German Channel we saw a manta! Sandwiched between was a relaxing dive with all the turtles at Dexter’s Wall.
The next morning, we dived in the beautiful Blue Holes with their disco clams, Turtle Cove with dancing eagle rays and mating headshield slugs, and by very popular request a third dive at Turtle Cove again!

Manta German Channel

We gave Blue Corner another go…current was easy so we made it all the way around the corner  where several sharks were getting cleaned. Then an easy drift into the school of big eye jacks, yellowfin barracuda – magic! At German Channel, there were no mantas this time but this wasn’t a problem since we had a beautiful dives in between its corals where we found a juvenile ribbon eel! A few adventurous souls jumped off of Palau Siren after dinner for a blackwater dive – got to see some of the strange things that live in the deep and come up at night.

Snapper Shcool Palau 700

For the full moon, we did Peleliu and from the moment I checked the current I knew this would be amazing – and it was! Folks – it’s a really good sign when your dive guide can’t stop smiling after a dive! Current was absolutely perfect – just enough. The aggregation of Red Snapper was there, resting after their early morning activities; a waterfall of big eye jacks that seemed to go on forever, massive dog tooth tunas, three different large schools of grey reefs and then surfacing at the end through the school of hundreds of giant trevallies. A-mazing! Needless to say, we repeated this one for the 2nd dive while some divers went ashore for the Peleliu land tour!! Orange Beach was our relaxing 3rd dive in the beautiful coral gardens.

Reef Scene Palau 700

Next morning, we went early to Jellyfish Lake – enjoying it all by ourselves! Then it was back to Ulong to try and catch some more consistent currents. We saw the red snapper aggregation at Shark City – also basking in the afterglow!

Kelly Fish Lake Snorkeller 700

Final day was unanimously voted to be in the Ulong area. First dive at Sandy Paradise rewarded one lucky group with a playful manta while everyone got to enjoy all the schools of fish! Second dive was at Siaes Corner – there was much debate as to whether that beat Peleliu Cut for best dive or not!! Strong currents provided us more sharks than could be counted – though many guessed at 200!! Mostly grey reefs, but one lemon shark ambled by a time or two for good measure.
A fun group of people, epic dives – this is what liveaboard diving in Palau is about!!!

sharks2 bluecorner 700

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