The perfect 4 Ws for an incredible diving experience in Palau!

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To live a memorable diving experience, everything is all about being in the right place at the right time with the correct critters… and a knowledgeable dive guide of course! Don’t you think so? Here are the perfect 4 Ws • Where? Palau

Strong currents, marine lakes, rocky islands, mangroves, and lagoons are the perfect conditions for juveniles to safely mature far away from the bigger predators. That’s why many species have chosen the pristine waters of Palau to gather in mass for the only purpose to breed and spawn.

• When? Full moon palau-spawning-trips

Many species chose the full moon to spawn due to stronger currents and higher sea levels that will carry their eggs away from the reef and it’s many predators. Once hatched, the larvae use an incoming tide to come back to the reef and start the whole process again as adults. The moon cycle also allows the different species to synchronise their behavior with the rest of the species in ideal underwater conditions; and by producing huge amount of eggs, it avoids the predators eating them all!

• What? Red snappers red-snappers-spawning-palau

Normally seen in small schools or solitary in reef edges, for 4 to 5 days around full moon, 5000 to 10 000 red snappers leave their cozy corners at sunrise to commute on the outer reef slopes. Attracted by the chemical signals released by the rest of the red snappers, they gather in mass for the single purpose of spawning.
Just when the current is starting to pick up a group of males, lead by a female, starts a massive mating dance whilst they adopt all kinds of colors and patterns! From red to white, yellow or brown with stripes or with white spots! A real underwater firework!
The spawning doesn’t stop even though grey reef sharks, oceanic sharks, and bull sharks approach the ceremony looking for an easy meal!

• Who? Richard Barnden and Paul Collins from Sam’s Tours Unique Dive Expeditions and the Palau Siren palau-spawning-paul-richard

Paul and Richard have been putting together, for the past 5 years, a strict logbook of this underwater phenomenon and are now able to predict it! They will escort you on the special Palau Siren spawning trips while they deliver a number of presentations about these unique dives. Not only, will they cover the ecology of the dives but also, how to photograph them!

Contact us today to book the ONLY Palau spawning trip with some available spaces left!
Dates: 10 – 17 December 2016

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