There is nothing in Fiji that is below amazing!

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There is nothing in Fiji that is below amazing!


The Fiji Siren Luxury Liveaboard and her crew is more than happy to welcome back Yves from France with his group of guess as well as others from Italy, Chile and the United States!
We have a very full boat of divers for these 10 days. The first journey out to Vatu-I-Ra was a very pleasant one. We had three dives the first day and the visibility was great and the fish life was out in force with the new moon turning over. Splashing into Mellow Yellow was a sight for sore eyes as we were meet by so much colour and thousands of anthias and fusiliers darting around, not to mention every surface being touched by the current having blooming corals feeding. The other dive site was Black Magic Mountain. Being a little more exposed to the current we just tucked in nicely behind the pinnacle and had a great view of all the corals out feeding and even being lucky enough to have a couple of grey reef sharks on entry. Directly after the third dive we pulled up anchor and started the long journey south to the island of Gau and the wonder that is Nigali Passage.


Once at Nigali Passage, we had many sharks. After a good spin around the bleachers we drifted straight into a school of big-eye trevally which did not seem timid at all. From here it was all back north for the night dive then later to move to Wakaya. This was a very smooth journey again and not only that there was a few hammerheads making their way around the area. As we moved into late afternoon it was time to pick up anchor and move to Taveuni. The timing was perfect with a school of dolphins seeking out our bow wake and surfing for about 20min while everyone was jumping around trying to get photos of these creatures zooming past the boat and jumping out of the water.

white wall 700

The first day in the Somosomo straight had us diving in at Fish Factory and Nuku Reef with the school of banner fish and multitudes of hard corals. The afternoon was spent diving at the Great White Wall. As is the case everyone came back astounded at this wall of pure white corals. The night was spent close to shore with us motoring in to have a look at the international date line and a small stop off at the local convenience store.
Day two of the rainbow reef had us going to Jerry’s Jelly for the jellyfish shaped pinnacle and blue ribbon eel and also dives to Sam’s Point and Rainbows End. Of course the soft corals were the reason for diving here as they are so colourful. The next move was to be towards Namena a short 8 hour drive away.

We had three days planned for diving around the marine reserve which everyone was happy about. First site on the list was to School House. It brought out everything for this one dive. We had schools of barracuda, banner fish, surgeon fish, a few grey sharks and of course Dori from Finding Nemo floating around in the back ground.

barracuda 700

The next day we spent the morning back over at the North Passage and dove the Arch to Kansas trek. There was nothing on this dive that was below amazing. We had sharks out on the drop off, pygmy sea horses; we had barracuda, trevally, the 1001 red tooth triggerfish and many more cool things on the ground or reef.
The last day had us at E-6 which was blooming to perfection with hundreds of fusiliers and bait fish moving to and from the reef being chased by tuna and trevally. Out of the blue came a large school of chevron barracuda sweeping by about 1-2m from a lot of the divers. The Cathedral area was a show unto itself with the light bouncing all over the interior.

barracuda2 700

It was such a pleasure to welcome back Yves to the boat for his second time around and who could forget the Italians, the Americans and the 2 Chileans who made this such a memorable trip. Vinaka Vake Levu form the whole Team of the Fiji Siren.

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