There was too much fun out there!

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There was too much fun out there!


The Indo Siren luxury liveaboard was happy to welcome on board a great group from Atmosphere Resort, all very existed to dive Komodo! Most of the guests already knew each other so the atmosphere on the boat was straight away relaxed and full on! Let’s go!
After a 3 ¼ hours boat drive over night from Bima Bay to Sangeang, we made our check dive at Bonto Reef. The 26 degrees Celsius seawater and the beautiful black sand made this a wonderful start of the trip. Who wouldn’t want to wake up with a marble ray hiding in the coral, garden eels, white-eyed morays, blue spotted stingray, twinspot lionfish, peacock mantis shrimp and juvenile emperor angelfish? We liked it so much that we made a second dive at Ungke Bunke ( named after our guide). After that, we left Sangeang to go to Gili Banta where we already could encounter our first Mantas!

schooling fish

Next day we started already in Komodo with Coral Gardens where we saw schooling mobulas and lots of other creatures. Big Nose offered us a beautiful underwater scenery with pigmy seahorse, ghost pipe fish and turtles. We moved over to Gili Lawa Darat to dive Golden Passage with white tip shark, mobula and scorpion leaf fish. To end this amazing day, we went for a sunset walk and beach time to Gili Lawa Darat .

The next morning, we got accompanied by the sunrise all the way to Tatawa Besar in Current City. With a good medium current we saw sharks, turtles, cuttlefish and had a stunning drift over a soft coral reef. Second dive of the day was Batu Bolong which you just can call a fish soup.
The afternoon dive was at Makassar Reef where some of us where very lucky with mantas and eagle rays. To finish this amazing day we went to Wainiloo for an amazing night dive. We were very lucky and could encounter rhinopias, dragonets, mandarin fish and many other night creatures.

Rinca Island

The following day, we started with a Dragon walk in Rinca Island. We were lucky and encountered Komodo Dragons and other wild life as birds, monkeys and deer. Than it was time to move on to the south. We stopped for one dive in Padar at Secret Garden. For dive 3 and 4 off to Nusa Kode diving Cannibal Rock and Torpedo Alley. Already in these 2 dives people could see the beauty of the south… the colours and creatures were stunning.

In  Horse Shoe Bay at Nusa Kode/Rinca, the most southern destination of this trip, we dove the 22 degrees Celcius waters of the amazing dives at Boulders, Cannibal Rock and Yellow Wall. The soft corals opening all up due to the incoming current into the bay were just astonishing. Zebra crabs, dorid nudibranchs, flabelina nudibranchs, barramundi’s, lady bugs, chamberlain nembrotha, glassodoris, chromodoris, sea apples, coral cat shark and warty sea star are just a few highlights of that day.

manta in komodo

Manta Alley was our start for the next day. Some Mantas joined our dive and many reef fish. In the afternoon we moved slowly back north to Phinisi and then Pink Beach. Today is Ulrika’s birthday which the group is celebrating enthusiastically. Not sure but at least we sang 10 times happy birthday. 🙂 Next day plan was diving Current City and Shotgun. The day turned out perfectly. Hugh schools of fish in Batu Bolong and amazing manta action in Shotgun! Just WOW!


Back to Crystal Rock, Castle Rock and Shotgun again. Good currents and great visibility made these dives very remember able. For the last night dive we went to Coral Garden were we encountered beautiful reef creatures.  After dinner we drove back to Bima Bay. The last day of diving ended with two more muck dives at Unusual Suspect in Bima Bay. We found an incredible amount of amazing animals: frogfish, ordinate ghost pipefish, octopuses, harlequin shrimps, scorpion fish, and lots of other creatures.

guests on aboard indo

Time to take the group picture and everybody decided that it should be a tradition to throw the cruise director over board and so they did!

Happy and sad faces amongst the guests and the crew for a great week in Komodo National Park. Thank you every one for this great trip!

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