There were so many things going!

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There were so many things going!

Once again, the Fiji Siren Liveaboard departed from Volivoli Resort with a whole new group of eager divers from Waterworld. Being so eager we made sure to have our first dive of the cruise that very day! Amazing Maze was to be the site of choice for everyone to get wet for the first time to get all equipment and weighting set out to where it was needed to be. As night descended down we found ourselves anchored just off the island of Nananu-I-Ra.


We would be here till around four in the morning at which we heaved anchor and moved out through the Bligh Waters to Vatu-I-Ra and the first full day diving off the Fiji Siren.  Splitting the group into two teams we went our separate ways to dive the sites of Mellow Yellow and Maytag. We had about 5 grey reef sharks passing us by at Maytag and at Mellow Yellow there was plenty of soft coral with also a slow moving Spanish mackerel spiraling about in the blue water. We then switched over the sites after lunch before moving onward south to Gau Island and Shark Alley! As the current hadn’t turned yet for the Nigali Passage (Shark Alley) we decided on a couple of earlier dives at Jims alley/Anthias Avenue and to the outer wall if the passage before entering for the shark dives. We spotted white-tip reef shark, and decent sized humphead wrasse no too far below the surface. As was predicted the Shark dive went fantastic. We had around 18 grey reef sharks all over us alongside snapper, barracuda and big eye trevally. This dive could not have gone any better!

reef sharks 700

For the following day, we moved the boat back north to Wakaya Island where we would have a few dives in the marine protected area.  We anchored on a nice sandy patch out near Vatu Vai giving a few people the chance to step directy off the Fiji Siren itself and only have a short swim to the pinnacle of Vatu Vai. We also had planned dives to Lion’s Den and also Wakaya wall where we found a couple of turtles, barracuda and many small reef fish over the sites.
From here it was to Namena Marine Reserve where we spent one day before heading up to Taveuni and the Rainbow Reef. The dives in Namena were spectacular with one dive being to School House which had some of our guests see three Hammerheads! We also did a dive in the south to Chimneys before picking up anchor and starting the long journey north.

Turtle 2

We continued our schedule with dives at Grand Central StationGrand Central Station which had so many things going on including two pygmy sea horses on the Archway and plenty of Golden Mantis Shrimp over the reef. We spent some good time in the south over the next few days diving into Ned’s Nuts and Black Forrest along with dives to South Save-A-Tack wall and Nick’s Place.

corals005 700

After spending three days here it was time to move on. We had scheduled 3 dives for this day in Makogai then as a special treat we had planned an outing to the Village. This was an extremely good tour! We were led through a traditional Sevusevu welcoming us to the village by the chief followed by a Meke (dance) by the young school children. Finally all feeling quite tired and ready for dinner we stepped back on to the Fiji Siren where we had a celebration taking place. It was Ira’s birthday. Stefan, her husband, organized wine for everybody and said a small thank you. Being we could not just leave it at that being the Fiji Siren, The Great Fiji Siren Rubber Band took it upon themselves to entertain everyone well into the night only stopping to bring out a humongous Cake and to sing Happy Birthday.
We decided after a night of celebrating we would stay in Makogai for a second day and dive in the calm of the massive lagoon area that surrounds the island. We dropped into Becky’s Bommies, and Peggy’s Place.

Makogai Pano

For the last day of diving aboard the Fiji Siren we went to the World Famous site of E-6 for the first dive of the day. Our last dive of this ten day cruise Beyond the Bligh was to be at Howard’s Diner which had very little current a lot of colour and many small cut outs in the reef for us to explore. We managed a good long dive of 1.5 hours before lifting off and heading for home.

Thank you so much Waterworld it was an absolute pleasure having you aboard the Fiji Siren. I can’t wait to have you with us again!! Vinaka Vakelevu! Moce Mada

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