This is how you spend New Year´s eve on board the Fiji Siren!

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This is how you spend New Year´s eve on board the Fiji Siren!

The Fiji Siren was happy to welcome on board the last group of 2014 and the first one of 2015! Everybody was very excited! Most were in bed early to get ready for the short journey and the days diving in Vatu-I-Ra the next day. Our first stop was to Coral Corner where we had a small treat of some grey reef sharks passing the divers by. With lots of beautiful soft corals encompassing the corner. We also checked out the vibrant yellow soft corals of Mellow Yellow and then to contrast the Black ones at Black Magic Mountain. With a few ghost pipe fish being seen and some leaf fish along with a few small schools of smaller fish it was a good day to start off any year! After our night dive back at Mellow Yellow we continued our trip east on to Makogai, home to the old Leper colony.

Sky-in-The-fijiWe all eagerly dropped into the water to have a look for the electric file clam hiding in a small cave at Halfpipe. We found a few different types of phylidia(nudi), and some nice corals in the shallows which was enough to keep all happy. We kept the diving up on the outside of the island and all day Ratu Ridge and then to Dominoes before we ducked inside the refuge to anchor for the night. Our last dive of the day was to P & O a small site with twin pinnacles where there is a resident frogfish. To round off the day we had a Fijian themed dinner with Roe Roe soup and the famous Kokoda(pronounced Kokonda).

With only a 2 hour drive the next morning we left Makogai for Wakaya at about 5am. We parted the waters of Wakaya in very good time with us laying the anchor down only one and a half hours after we left Makogai. We would be spending the day here diving before departing for the island of Gau. We found multiple types of pipe fish here including the Halimeda Ghost Pipe Fish. We did have Kyle find a very small and cute Bobbit Squid burying itself in the sand on the night dive out to Lions Den.

reef-sharksFor our next destination we had 3 dives planned ahead as we would be having a long travel overnight. We did a dive to Jims Alley where a small angry yellow damsel fish took matters into his own fins and chased anyone who came near him with a couple of small nibbles on fins here and there. Next up we had the Nigali Passage and all its wonders. Our first dive on this was the full passage from deep can to lagoon. Along our ride in the current we found small schools of barracuda and a few grouper swimming about. Upon reaching the halfway point some sharks made an appearance and followed all to the bleachers where we sat watching them circle around for 30 minutes. The second dive on the passage was the enticement dive. We had the boys get some fish and we went down the passage being followed by red bass and some small grey reef sharks. When grabbing hold of the bleachers we had about 25 grey reef sharks of all sizes including a few babies flowing around.

IMG 4237After this we started the long 12 hour journey north to the rainbow reefs of Taveuni. We spent 2 great days diving here on the great white wall and rainbow reef. The first day we did rainbow passage with all is colour followed with Nukus and its hard coral to finish the day diving on the Great White Wall itself. We had an easy night dive close to the boat and that finished off the full day.

For the second day of diving around Taveuni we headed out to look at Jerry’s Jellys a small pinnacle with plenty to see all over it. And a long sweeping reef system beside having blue ribbon eels and a few schools of small fish. The last dive we did that day before heading to Namena was to fish factory where there were big schools of Bannerfish and schools of fusiliers of a few kind.

The travel to Namena was so smooth no one knew we had arrived. We had two days diving the Marine Park and with so many sites to choose from this would be easy to do. We did Black Forest to look for our warty frog fish and ribbon eel. At Grand Central Station we looked for Hammerheads and pygmy sea horses. We completed the big day with a dive to the Namena Beach wreck where we have a couple of White Mantis Shrimp.

on-aboardOur last day in Namena had us redo Grand Central with it being so big it couldn’t be dived enough before moving sites we had a manta ray come say hello to the boat before quickly disappearing into the blue. Afternoon brought us to the south to dive Neds Nuts and Chimneys.
On our way back to Vatu-i-Ra, we dove the world famous E-6 first up with some nice long dives and while travelling to Mount Mutiny we thought we seen dolphins s we spun the boat around for a better look only to find a small Pod of Pilot Whales!! We had three dolphin on the bow and pilot whales about 100m off the boat.

The last night we celebrated new years with a big party on board. It was a good night and it made everybody sad to leave on the next day. Thank you for the great start to the year! Vinaka Vaka Levu

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