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Bula once again from the Fiji Siren Crew! We kicked off the week diving in the Vatu Passage with a couple of mild dives to Mellow Yellow and Black Magic Mountain both hast slack tide making for a very easy spin around the pinnacles. We had a couple of reef sharks and barracuda float with us through the water. After three dives here we picked up the anchor and moved the Fiji Siren onwards to Wakaya Island.

We had at least one manta a dive with one dive having five and even a school of descent sized hammerhead. Not only were they there but they stay with us for a while showing of their gracefulness. We then had some grey reef sharks vying for attention. Unfortunately this time the reef sharks we all but ignored as we watched the hammerheads. As the last dive came to an end it was up anchor time and we were moving as soon as all were on board to get an early jump on the long ride north to Taveuni.

Taveuni we had brilliant weather and some beautiful dives. We started off with Jerry’s Jelly and Nuku Reef. The tides were particularly strong this time of the month with the New Moon in action. This was good as it brought out all of the soft corals to feed on the currents. We spent two days up in Taveuni and as such we dived some of the great dives like Great White Wall and Rainbow Reef. At the White Wall even the captains were entertained as there was a manta jumping out of the water while the divers were under. On the evening of the second night we decided to visit the International Date Line. After this it was time for a quick night dive before moving onwards back south to Namena Marine Reserve.

Great White Wall 700

We would be spending two days out in the reserve so another chance for our band to get up and perform, showcasing how good they can sing and play the guitars. We dived in Chimneys first off where we were met by a few pipefish and some small schooling fish. There was a load of yellow masked surgeon fish allowing everyone to pass right through the middle and a lot of soft coral action around the top of the pinnacles. The afternoon had Grand Central Station and all its wonders. Not only did we pass through a school of redtooth triggerfish but also schools of barracuda and trevally. Upon reaching these schooling fish we were bombarded by grey reef sharks circling through the trevally and barracuda. To finish this dive some ended up right on top of Kansas with the leather coral and some in the very strong currents ended up close enough to the Fiji Liveaboard that they swam back and climbed up the ladder on the boat itself. The night dive to Nemo was an event in itself which a giant sea turtle sitting waiting for our arrival. This was followed by about 20 scorpion fish littering the pinnacle and pleurobranch, slipper lobster and even very large Urchin which were big enough to hold commensal shrimp!

barracuda 700

Day two we ended up back out in the Grand Central region to pass through all the fish and sharks one more time before making our way further south to drop into Wakaya once more in the hopes for more hammerhead and manta rays. We were lucky enough to see a few more on the second run. One manta even performed a nice long dance for one group of divers to the extent it followed them for long part of the dive. Finally we ended up in Gau Island where to start the day we had a manta at Anthias and then in my opinion the best passage dive I have ever done. About 45 grey reef sharks tons of trevally and barracuda!!! This was absolutely spectacular. For the afternoon we dropped into a local village for a quick look around which turned into an evening of song and dance and a little too much Kava.

school of shark

Lastly we had E-6 and Mount Mutiny where we had a hammerhead nice and close and schooling barracuda to finish up the great cruise on.
All good things must come to an end so when we arrived into port and the luggage was up we had to try and raise the spirits of everyone by dragging the band up for one last big performance and some Kava!

Group Photo re

Thank you to all it was great meeting you all and I will see you again some point.

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