Wrecks, Sharks, Critters & Currents

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Wrecks, sharks, critters and currents…

Y Kiki DiversJoining the Palau Siren for this trip we welcomed aboard 15 Amercans from Y Kiki Divers. After boarding and a check dive at the Haf Adai wreck we lifted anchor and cruise over to Ulong Island seeing grey reef sharks in the channel. The next morning we made an unforgettable dive at Sandy Paradise, immediately surrounded by a school of barracuda, but it was the thousands of bump head parrotfish spawning all around us that made it super special. All the action brought in the sharks and a massive school of scad being hunted by Giant Trevally. Next up was a short hook in at Siaes Corner, where the strong current brought in about 20 sharks. That night we headed to Ulong Corner then had some awesome food prepared by our chef Andri.

Blue Holes PalauThe next day we woke up and headed out to Turtle Cove for the first dive of the day. The viz was fantastic giving us some great colors on the soft coral covered wall. After my favorite lunch (chicken satay) we tried our luck at German Channel, hoping for some manta action but had to settle for loads of sharks and schooling fish instead- a hard life I hear you cry! The next morning we made our second attempt for manta and scored with a black morph cruising back and forth in front of the cleaning station. Blue Holes was the next choice for our diving day, the sun was directly overhead giving us great light play and as we made our way out of the holes an eagle ray with some shark attack scars glided slowly by the group giving a chance to get some photos.
Grey-Reef-Shark---PalauDive three we headed to Blue Corner in anticipation of shark action. The current was ripping which made for a rather exciting dive. We had to hang on tight to stop our masks from coming off I even had to turn my regulator down to stop it from fee flowing but at the same time we had sharks and schooling fish everywhere – showing how easy it can be to ride the current. After last week’s success we made a repeat of our black water dive at Turtle Cove, seeing some funky jellyfish, juvenile fish and squid. Everywhere you looked there were brown ink blotches from the flying squid, I even found a two-tone pygmy squid!
Turtle-PalauThe current was still running strong the following morning as we dived in to Blue Corner but this time the group was well prepared. We hooked in on the incoming side with a huge school of jacks right in front of us! After the dive we fuelled up on a delicious big breakfast then headed to Dexters Wall where we lost count of how many turtles we saw. New Drop Off was crystal clear giving us a great view of a massive school of barracuda and some very chilled out green turtles, while Barnum’s Wall offered up loads of macro and seascapes for those who opted for a more relaxed dive after our morning’s exertions. Critters galore for the Big Drop Off night dive where we were happy to see the proud leaf scorpionfish parents alongside their 2cm offspring!
Jellyfish Lake was first on the list for our last day of another great trip. After checking out the jellyfish we headed to Sandy Paradise where we watched a grey reef shark rear up on the cleaning station while being cleaned by some wrasse. The last dive of the trip was in the geological wonder Chandelier Cave. All this was topped off by a great BBQ from Andre and the crew.

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