Tubbataha to Southern Visayas with S/Y Philippine Siren

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Tubbataha to Southern Visayas with S/Y Philippine Siren

Ph Sails UpOur excellent trip started on March 15th in the Puerto Princesa (Palawan) for our 14 days liveaboard cruise to Tubbataha National Marine Park followed by Southern Visayas and ended after 13 nights in Cebu on Mactan Island. Tubbataha is one of only two strictly marine UNESCO world heritage sites worldwide and offers spectacular diving with loads of big fish, walls and untouched coral reefs. The second part of the trip started with completely different but wonderful muck diving in the black volcano beaches in front of Dauin (Negros).

repeating guestsOn this full charter we had an only German speaking group mixed in equal parts of Germans and Austrians. Most of the people knew each other from many many trips before and the ambience couldn’t be better. The fun started every day in the morning with the briefing from either Gabi or Donato the local Filipino guides and ended with the chef Jimmy’s presentation of the dinner at night. The whole lovely crew including cruise director Eva made this trip an unforgettable experience.

grey reef sharkAfter 15 hours cruising the Sulu Sea we arrived in the morning at Jessy Beazley Reef.The untouched and healthy coral reef impressed even the older guests who compared it with the reefs of the red sea in Egypt 25 years ago. The fish life on the walls was really impressive and almost every dive we were followed by White Tip Reef Sharks, Black Tip Reef Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Schools of Giant Trevally, Jacks and Barracudas, Big Eye Jacks, Sweetlips and Brown Marbled Grouper. Different kinds of Moray Eels, Tunas (ea. Big Dogtooth Tuna), Hawksbill and Green Turtles and many more. My personal favorite was a stunning drift dive with lots of shark hanging out in the current then we noticed a group of Jacks swimming away when suddenly a Blue Marlin shot into the school on the hunt…

crynoid shrimpAfter 5 amazing dive days at Tubbataha we had a 2 dives stopover at Cayagancillo for one day before we arrived in the region called Southern Visayas in front of Dauin, on the southern point of Negros Island. This region of the Philippines is mostly known as a top spot for muck diving and it’s critters: frogfish in almost every color and size, Seahorses, Cuttle Fish, Ghost Pipe Fishes, Flying Gurnards, Octopus, Moray Eels, Scorpion Fish, Juvenile Emperor Angel Fish as well as a huge variety of shrimps and crabs. For those who got enough of the muck diving, the Southern Visayas has much more to offer, for example Apo Island, Moalboal, Balicasag or Cabilao: beautiful grown reefs with walls, slopes and shallow plateaus with plenty of different marine life: Nudibranchs from 0,5 to 12 cm in every color, Black Banded Sea Snakes, Lion and Scorpion Fish, Parrot Fish, Frogfish and many more. Never seen before the huge Turtles in almost every dive as well…

nice sunsetThe variety of different kinds of diving could not be better than this combination of Tubbataha and Visayas. I think also that there is no better choice than the Philippine Siren! The luxury liveaboard brings a lot of space for relaxing during the dives, big cabins, delicious international and Asian food 3 times a day presented by our man of the trip “Jimmy” and his colleague “Boy” in a funny way that we had a lot to laugh about during the whole trip. Not to forget the rest including the Dinghy Drivers who did a great job and Eva the cruise director with her charming Spanish accent.




nudibranch aplisiaThanks to all for this amazing 14 days of cruising through the paradise, keep on working that way and the guests will come back happy and relaxed there is no doubt. Also I want to thank to our clients for their trust, especially from Austria who travel together and are bringing so much fun to all other clients…maybe it’s because of the funny Austrian accent who knows? Furthermore I want to give thanks to UW and the Nudibranchs! Hope to see you again someday… “it’s more fun in the Philippines!

Photos by Michael & Petra Brandt, Silvia Zink and Herbert Futterknecht

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