Underwater Photography trips 2015

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Siren Fleet Underwater Photography Workshops 2015
Liveaboard Diving Safaris with a Difference

The Siren Fleet has always been a keen supporter of underwater photographers with each yacht designed and updated to accommodate the growing needs of underwater photographer. Each has dedicated preparation areas, plenty of charge points, storage drawers, large rinse tanks, and a central computer to edit your days work as well as a large plasma screen to view and share your photos with your fellow guests.

In 2015 we are pleased to welcome back Gerald Rambert, Jennie Soriano, Alex Mustard, Stephen Frink, Scott Geitler and Werner Thiele aswell as several other trip hosts who will provide our guests with the opportuinity to develop u/w photography and videography skills in a variety of locations.

Underwater Photography Liveaboard Diving Workshops

Our escorted underwater photography trips and professional-led workshops take place over a variety of locations including Fiji, Palau and Raja Ampat.


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