Back in the Visayas

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Back in the Visayas!

philippines-boatFor almost the whole month of September boat and dive crew of the Philippine Siren have worked relentlessly making our yacht even more gorgeous than she already is during her annual dry dock. And what a magnificent job we all did! We were eager to show her off to our newest group of dives from various nations and set off for what felt like a maiden voyage. This trip around the Southern Visayas would take us through Cabilao, Balicasag, Oslob, Sumilon, Dauin, Apo and finally to Moalboal and Pescador. We were curious to see if, after a month of no diving, we would be able to spot again our usual suspects once again.

Pescador34With spotting eyes in and at the ready we were not disappointed at Lighthouse (Cabilao) to see that our resident giant yellow frogfish, great barracuda and green sea turtle were still waiting for us in the same spots as we had left them, plus a not so friendly titan triggerfish which delighted himself whilst having a go at my arm. Then at Balicasag Island we were able to spot our two giant grey frogfish and an additional painted red frogfish as well as so many turtles it was imply ridiculous! Although the weather conditions were not optimal Captain Russell drove us safely to Oslob and Sumilon Island. In the former we once again had the chance to snorkel with whale sharks while in Sumilon we saw black tip sharks and we were continuously checked out by a couple of huge wahoos… some big fish in amongst the macro.

Lighthouse21On the fourth day we reached Dauin. The wind had calmed down and the sun was shining allowing us to enjoy the stunning views of Negros Island volcano. Ulrika, from Atmosphere Resort, joined us for our second dive of the day to show us around a new site for the Philippine Siren; Sahara. Far from the arid dry and almost barren land image that name might conjure, there was life galore and we were able to spot and photograph robust ghost pipefish, leaf scorpion fish and plenty of other critters. Once again Dauin’s muck dives were a delight for all.

shirt-siren-fleetBefore sunrise the next day we headed towards Apo Island for our next four dives: Rock Point West, Coconut Point which we dived twice and Cogon. The current was not strong this time in Coconut Point and we slowly drifted through its amazing scenery surrounded by schools of fusiliers, big eye jacks, giant trevallies and a couple of hawksbill turtles. Another “welcome back” surprise was had that evening as we presented Heidi, Arne, Jane and Patrick with a thank you letter from Frank and Mark as well as their special Philippine Siren T-shirts!

Group-on-philippines-sirenOur final day was spent in between Moalboal and Pescador Island on the northwest side of Cebu with three more great dives in gentle currents completing this cruise, the usual critters and sardines being found. At dinner time Chef Boy, after his usual food briefing, surprised our guest with an excellent tuna sashimi. Yum Yum! Overall another great trip with wonderful guests whom we hope to welcome back once again –whether in the Philippines or another Siren Fleet destination – Happy diving, Diego and the crew.

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