Whale sharks in Komodo?

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Whale Sharks in Komodo

blue ringed octopusWe have had hardcore divers on board the Indo Siren Liveaboard before but never a whole group that loves diving sooooo much that they never miss a dive, especially not the night dives! With very rare exceptions we had at least 11 out of the 14 divers doing the night dive every night!!! You rock! A very international mix coming from Italy, France, Germany, China, America, the UK, Thailand and the Netherlands! And everyone got on like a house on fire from the start! Fantastic!

komodo hairy frogfishOn our last trip we had a manta magnet in the group but this time around the mantas were rather shy. Our luck seemed to be with us in other ways though with frog fish of many different variations being seen throughout the 10-night dive trip; Giant, Painted and Hairy Frogfish all came out to play! But the most amazing thing we saw on this trip!!! WHALE SHARKS…. Yes you heard me Whale sharks in Padar Bay on our way back from Nusa Kode. How lucky were we? We spent around 1 hour snorkeling with the two that we found but apparently there were 3 in the area. This was a first whale shark experience for many of the guests on board who can now proudly say they are no longer whale shark virgins! I am not sure I can say any more to make this trip report any better!

Komodo Giant FrogfishWe had the tiny alongside the gigantic!!! Lady bugs to whale sharks and everything in between including blue ringed octopus and a wobbegong shark more commonly found in Raja Ampat…  What more can you ask for?? Its all here in Komodo

Fingers crossed for more excitement on our final trip of the season as we make our way back to Raja Ampat via Flores, Alor and the Banda Islands!
Thanks guys! You have been a really fun group and we really hope to see you again soon, perhaps in Raja? All the best and happy memories from Lisa & the Indo Siren Crew.

Trip Photos by Uwe Schmolke, Liu Yinan and Ruud Pielage

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