Whale Sharks, Mantas, sharks, corals and an incredible macro! What else Tubbataha?

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Whale Sharks, Mantas, sharks, corals and an incredible macro! What else Tubbataha?

For the fourth time this year , The Philippine Siren headed to Tubbataha to dive its Marine Park!

Once we arrived to the North Atoll, we dove at the Malayan Wreck: hundreds of Bumphead Parrotfish schooling welcomed us and accompanied the groups for the dive, while the weather on the surface pampered the boat with flat seas. We then proceeded to the South, not willing to let go the chance to explore the walls of the atoll with its majestic gorgonians, steep inclines and let our divers enjoy one of the finest and healthiest coral reefs in the world. The boat moored up at the southernmost tip of the South Atoll where we concluded the first day discovering Pigmy Sea Horses shortly before sunset.

ws-LowThe next morning, the early wake up was paid back when a Whale Shark appeared at Delsan Wreck. schools of big eyed trevallies, huge dogtooth tunas, dozens of grey reef sharks and countless white tip sharks populated this drift dive full of adrenaline. Staghorn Point was the perfect spot of us with its fields and hills of healthy corals, the always present white tip sharks and sea turtles. a thresher shark was also seen, if that wasn’t enough.
We came back to Delsan Wreck and for a good reason! we had again a whale shark showing up! Shortly proceeded by a majestic giant hammerhead shark and an elegant marble ray! What a dive! The day continued with a wall dive where wide-angle lenses took advantage of the enormous gorgonians of South West Wall and divers scattered between overhangs and canyons, being surrounded by fusiliers.

seafan alley8The plan to move North allowed us a third visit to Delsan, where once again we saw a whale shark! Three different ones in the same area! Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Tubbataha! Black Rock, the last outpost before the northern atoll, presented us with another one of diver’s favourite: a reef manta ray getting its makeup done on a cleaning station for the entire dive. Later that day we visited the Ranger Station and spoke to the resident marine biologist there, exchanging news and pictures of sightings.

At Shark Airport and Washing Machine as a double-double, being that they received by some of our guests the nominee for “one of the best dives of my life”: coral gardens, 50 meters of horizontal visibility and an abundant life teamed up with a close encounter with a chilling tiger shark.

manta5-GermanChThe trip being already a success, we went the extra mile and on the last day we did three dives at Jessie Beazley Reef, with the first one being at sunrise. Scallop Hammerhead? Check. Whale Shark? Check. Oceanic Manta Ray? Check. Reef Manta Ray? Check. Jessie Beazley Reef, we will be back soon!

Heading directly West to Puerto Princesa we enjoyed an orange and purple sunset sipping a well-deserved cocktail on the sundeck, celebrating an amazing week and waving our farewell to the marine park.

Thank you everyone who was onboard! We had a wonderful time with you! We hope to see you soon onboard!

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