Sharks, mantas, great macro…. what an amazing week!

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Sharks, mantas, great macro…. what an amazing week!

The Palau Siren and her crew were once again happy to welcome on board a group of international divers from Sweden, Germany, Austria, Australia and Czech Republic.
On our first day of diving, we started with a check dive at Haf Adai Wreck, where we saw some lion fish, pufferfish, fuseliers, nudibranchs, and some incredible macro such as a pipefish. During breakfast, the Palau Siren moved towards Ulong Island where we fist dove at Sandy Paradise then at Siaes Corner. Our divers had the chance to see a bunch of grey reef sharks, white tip reef shars, turtles, Napoleon wrasses, bumphead parrotfish, a sting reay and even banded boxer shrimps and a scorpion leaf fish. was next on the list. For those who weren´t tired and wanted to have a 4th dive, we went to Cemetery reef: morey eels, various crabs, shrimps and nudibranchs

shark-in-palauThe next day, we dove at Siaes Tunnel, where we say decorated dartfish, turtles, a school of jacks, banded boxer shrimps, grey reef sharks, disco clams and bumphead parrotfish. While our divers were having breakfast, the captain moved the Palau Siren towards Ngemelis where we dove Blue Corner as a second dive then German channel for the third dive of the day. Lots of shark action and schooling fish at the corner, Manta rays and more sharks at German channel. We finished this beautiful day with a night dive at Big Drop Off which is an amazing wall dive covered with soft corals and sea fans.

Next on our schedurle was New Drop Off where we had Grey Reef Sharks, White tip Sharks and lots of schooling fish. For the next dive, we went to Blue Holes: an amazing cavern with 4 big openings as entrance from the top of the reef. We were lucky to see leopard shark and a silver tip shark passing by. Then we came back to Blue Corner where we saw all many schooling fish and sharks that were all over the place!

IMG 7157After a beautiful morning dive at Turtle Cove with lots of schooling fish and turtles, most of our guest went to Peleliu Island for the WWII land tour. Those who staid on board did a dive at Dexter’s wall . In the afternoon, we went back to German channel for some more manta action. With a good incoming current , we also had sharks, giant dogtooth tuna and trevally hunting. We chose German wall for our night dive of the day.

JellyFL PalauThe following day started with something completely different: snorkeling in Jellyfish lake and its million jellyfish. Then the group decided to come back to Blue Corner before moving to Ulong Island where we dove the beautiful Ulong Channel.
On our last diving day, we started with Sandy Paradise. Then it was time to moved towards Malakal where we dove the Jake Sea Plane and Teshio Maru. For the last dive, we dove at Chandelier cave.

Thank you guys for this incredible week! It was awesome to have you on board!

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