What if you were diving with 17 hammerhead sharks?

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What if you were diving with 17 hammerhead sharks?

The Fiji Siren and her crew were happy to welcome on board a great group of Germans, giving the opportunity to Rani to practice his German for its guests ‘amusement!
Once everybody was onboard and after celebrating Oktoberfest with few beers, we headed to Nananu-I-Ra Island. Next morning we started our trek early in flat calm seas to Vatu-I-Ra for our first days diving where we managed to get in three super dives with several sharks at Instant Replay and of course lots of beautifully coloured soft corals at Black Magic Mountain and Mellow Yellow.

At Makogai Island, we had an enjoyable day out diving with a bit of a competition to see who could find the tiny Electric File Clam at Halfpipe. Ju, our dive guide, won that by a long shot. By late afternoon we were all relaxed and looking forward to our Village tour of Makogai Island, where we enjoyed the traditional welcoming with kava and an amazing Meke dance by the local village children. Upon arriving back at the Fiji Siren, Simon did a little organizing with The Fijian Rubber Band waiting to have a song and laugh during dinner, with of course a little kava for our Ratu(chief).

Grey-Reef-SharksWe continued on to Wakaya Island for our next days’ diving. Starting the day with a dive to Vatu Vai where we had multiple Manta Rays come out and play around and Lions Den where even more were out swimming around. With the sun shining and the marine life out we were all having a great time when one of the dives came back from Blue Ridge with reports of a hammerhead!  This was to be one of the many Hammerheads we were to see on this trip.
Then we decided it was time to head out to Gau to see what the sharks were up to. After a nice wakeup dive on Jims Alley we sailed down the reef to get ready for the Nigali Passage. On entering the waters we immediately had multiple sharks circling and many red bass on the chase. It was too hard choosing where to look with so many sharks surrounding us. To make things better it has just been breeding season so there were a lot of baby sharks mingling through all the adult sharks!

Happy FIJI dayAfter an afternoon full of shark diving the anchor was brought up and the Fiji Siren was aimed north. We had a long night ahead of us with a journey far to the north of Fiji to the Marine Reserve of Namena where we would be spending a few glorious days diving all that it had to offer. There was not a dive to disappoint with almost all our dives having Hammerheads follow us around. One particular dive to Grand Central station we counted 17!!! Not only were there hammerheads but also massive Dogtooth Tuna, Grey Reef Sharks, and schooling Barracuda and Trevally. To complete the day our Chefs, Andrew and Lepani wanted to have everyone celebrate FIJI DAY so had spent all afternoon on the island cooking a traditional Lovo on the beach. This was added with plenty of partying, singing, kava and some, lets say ‘unique’ dancing. Happy FIJI day everyone! The longer we stayed at Namena the better everything got with us on the hunt for hammers everyday (and succeeding) but we got to do this in the glassy calm waters of the south pacific.

exotic-pink-leaf-fishWe continued the good diving with us dropping in at South Save-A-Tack Wall and Nicks Knobs, which spoiled us with large schools of jacks, trevally and barracuda along with a huge shark ray, groupers, moray eels and a surprise turtle.
On the next day, we woke up to our last sunrise in the Namena Marine Reserve for some more big fish action with a manta ray and hammerhead shark at School House and then off to explored a couple of relatively new and infrequently dive sites with this experienced group at Keenans (& as it happened Richie’s Magical Mystery Tour) and Magic Wall. For our final night dive of the cruise we dropped in at Black Forest to round another wonderful day off with this great group before bringing out the Fiji Siren House Band once again to entertain our guests in only the way our friendly Fijian crew can do.

We finished off this trip with some great diving in the Bligh Waters and Vatu I Ra with our first stop being E6 and the second being Mount Mutiny. Both sites were amazing with all smiling from ear to ear upon exiting the water. From the beautiful rainbow soft corals to small pipefish we couldn’t have finished on a better note!  
Thank you to our entire German team, you made this trip a memorable one for all. We look forward to hearing and seeing from you again.  From the whole family here Vinaka Vaka Levu, Thank you very much

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