What would you do if you find a group of hammerheads plus a black hammerhead while diving in Fiji?

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What would you do if you find a group of hammerheads plus a black hammerhead while diving in Fiji?

The Fiji Siren Liveaboard welcomed on board a new group of divers of mix divers from Portugal, USA, Switzerland and England! We launched off straight away and aimed our course to the south of the Lomoviti Group and Wakaya Island Marine Protected Area. The first night was a bit of a get to know each other time with the long trek to Naigani Island where we would be anchoring the night ready to make the 2 hour move to Wakaya.


The next morning ready for the diving to take place! Our first dive was to be at the sites of Lion’s Den and Vatu Vai. During the briefing Matai (dive guide extraordinaire) mentioned the possibility of seeing Manta Rays while we were out. As it turned out our mixed bag team from various countries had a manta on every single dive of the day! We also got to see a couple of Turtles, Spanish mackerel and a few white-tip / grey reef sharks on the various dives throughout the day.  Directly after dive number three the Captain lifted the anchor and made the move north toward the more sheltered are of Makogai where we would be arriving just in time to get all the night divers off the Fiji Siren out to their sites. One group, who dived Vatu Vasua managed to find an Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish hanging out near the giant clam at which the site is named after (Vasua meaning Clam in Fijian).


On the dives today we found some cool little creatures such as a frog fish hiding among the soft corals at Pin Ball and also the Electric File Calm out at Halfpipe. All of these sites were also engulfed in a multitude of various colored soft corals which you can never ever get tired of staring at. We had the Fiji Siren move back to the inside of the encompassing islands and anchor for us to go for a little excursion to the island village.

many corals 700

From here it was a short leap to Namena where we would spend three whole days diving the surrounds.  Our time in Namena could not have gotten off to a better start with the first dive at School House we had schooling hammerheads!!! Strangely in the middle of the school was a black Hammerhead just to add to the fun. At Nort Save a Tack passage and Grand Central, we found Schooling Jacks and barracuda mixing with grey reef sharks and hundreds of red tooth trigger fish. This dive gets me every time with the abundance of colour and life in the area. As afternoon dragged on we moved across the ocean to the South of Namena and Black Forest. We split the group up into two teams and had one group at Black Forest and one at Chimneys playing with the pigmy sea horse over there. We had the blue ribbon eel and big octopus at Black Forest for everyone to be entertained by with also having the gigantic gorgonian sea fan at the base if the first pinnacle.

blue ribbon eel

At Chimneys we found two of the three pigmys and also the juvenile leaf scorpion fish hiding under a table coral. We decided to stay out in the south for the night dive as the weather was calm. We dived into Chimneys for the night dive as we almost had the whole set of divers. This site was large enough for everyone to move around and have their own space. Jon and Janice lent out their special filter torches and mask lenses for people to look at through the blue light. This made for some crazy colours and many many small critters being found.

leaf scorpion fish

For the second day on Namena we started out in the South then moved to the north for the passage again only to finish up by the island diving at Nemo’s for the night dive. As we loved all the action of the Northern Passage we did a single dive in the south for the last day and finished off in the north with two dives at School House again to chase hammerheads and to Grand Central for the pigmy hunt and golden mantis shrimp. All told this was a great day of diving. Departing at midnight for Vatu-I-Ra we arrived on mooring in the 1000m of water in time for the first dive at 8am. This was to E6 through the Cathedral and the surrounding walls. I had an interesting stare off with a fish for around 5 minutes. Every diver that saw me thought I had lost the plot until they saw the fish. The final dive of the week was to Mount Mutiny and its Rainbow Wall. We had cascades of soft corals over half of the Chimney and the other half covered in fish life with a couple of turtles thrown in for god measure.

hammer head 700

Thank you all for an amazing week!!!
Vinaka Vakelevu

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