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The Palau Siren crew was ready to welcome a brand new group of enthusiastic divers.  Their diving adventure began with the Imperial Japanese Navy oiler and supply ship Iro Maru, bombed during operation Desecrate One on March 30th 1944 she sank after burning for three days.  Running 143 meters in length Iro is a treat for divers with over 70 years of coral growth and plenty of marine life now calling her home.  After a relaxing dive we returned to our home for the week and enjoyed the view of the Rock Island as we ate lunch and cruised to our next anchorage near 2 Dog Beach in the Ulong area.

We enjoyed the amazingly healthy and diverse hard corals of the Ulong area with our dives at Ulong Wall in the afternoon and a dusk dive at Sandy Paradise.  Guests were excited to spot our first sharks of the trip with both black-tip and grey reef sharks joining us on both dives as well as many schooling fish including barracuda, jacks, and fusiliers.

A beautiful sunny morning greeted our guests and crew for our first dive of the day and our first reef hook experience of the Palau liveaboard dive trip.  We descended on to Siaes Corner, a stunningly assorted area boasting both hard and soft corals in abundance as well as fish of every shape and color.  We spotted a silvertip shark deep below us early in to the dive! As the current strengthened, we moved up to the edge of the plateau and hooked on and soared like birds in the sky while enjoying the schooling grey reef sharks and fish.  After a hearty breakfast we returned to Ulong Wall but this time hooked in at the mouth of Ulong Channel and watched the sharks circle, a nice school of moorish idols dining on the wall in front of us, and an African pompano sailing on the current. We unhooked and drifted gently through the channel greeted by big-eye crescent tail jacks schooling, the infamous massive wall of cabbage coral with its resident soldier fish, and 2 giant Tridacna clams estimated to be about 150 years old. A relaxing dive on Dexter’s Wall treated us to gorgeous soft corals and some friendly turtles.  We rounded out the day with a night dive on Big Drop Off hunting for small creatures and seeing the corals feeding.

Some guests  enjoyed an early morning kayak around the surrounding Rock Island.  The first dive of the day at Blue Corner was unforgettable with many guests saying it was their best dive ever!  With a mild to slack current everyone got the explore the gorgeous plateau, greet the resident 3 juvenile eagle rays, enjoy the gentle sharks and have an amazing time.  A gentle dive at our first Peleliu dive site Barnam’s Wall was perfect for relaxing and enjoying the scenery.  Since Blue Corner was so wonderful we revisited it in the afternoon and had another stunning dive.  The evening was rounded out with sunset drinks on Long Beach .

beautiful with gentle current, wonderful visibility, and many schools of fish. The highlight was a bull shark swimming over the plateau! After returning to the Palau Siren for a hearty lunch we headed to German Channel where we enjoyed the schooling fish. Our diving was completed for the day with a gentle drift on a site we enjoyed during the previous day, we explored Barnum’s Wall enjoying the differences a night dive shows.
A breathtaking morning on sun and gentle breezes greeted everyone as we enjoyed Blue Holes as our first dive. With stunning light and the cathedral of Blue Holes to ourselves everyone was free to explore to their hearts content, rounding out the dive with a bit of wall dive some divers even spotted a Krate (stripped sea snake)! For our final Peleliu of the trip we visited Turtle Cove, a stunning site with a chimney from the top of the reef to about 12 meters exiting on the wall at the beginning of the dive. It was a gentle drift of small creatures, turtles, sunrays, and schools of fish in the shallows. We returned to the Palau Siren for a delicious lunch and some napping while we returned to the Ulong area. Our Ulong diving continued with a beautiful gentle drift of Ulong Channel and a night dive in Sandy Paradise rounding out the day.

The next morning we had a stunning slack dive of Siaes Corner beginning on the outgoing wall and ending with exploration of the tip and plateau with the site to ourselves and the sunbeams shining down giving everything breathtaking lighting. After a hearty breakfast  we explored Siae’s Tunnel for our last outer reef dive before enjoying tour of the Rock Island Southern Lagoon including a stop at the famous Palau Natural Arch.  While we explored, the Palau Siren moved back to the Malakal area and greeted our return with her sails unfurled exhibiting her full beauty.  Our final dives of the trip showcased the unique natural formation of Chandelier Cave and the history hidden under the water with a stop at Jake Seaplane.

We had a wonderful evening of sunset cocktails on the sundeck followed with a delicious final supper together as everyone swapped stories and contact information.  The next morning was sunny and beautiful as we all said our goodbyes, did final packing, and disembarked to begin new adventures.

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